Guam’s electronic music scene has been booming these last few years and  many of our friends are now flying abroad to see their favorite DJs. The scene has grown so much that local clubs and bars, such as Cowboy Ninja and Globe, are now dedicating one night a week to EDM. Its evident that party-goers and dancers here cant get enough of that energetic beat. It took years for the island to warm up to this sound though. Artists such DJ Sylnt, Ronnie Perez, and DJ JPogi have helped influenced the local electronic music scene. Unfortunately, though, one of these Guam veterans, DJ JPogi, is making his way state side for good. We caught up with him for a quick Q&A before he starts his new adventure.

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First off, how do we pronounce your DJ Name? DJ Pogi? DJ JPogi? J-Pogi?

  • It’s spelled ‘DJ JPogi’ but it’s pronounced Jay-Poh-Gi

How are you feeling about leaving Guam?

It’s exciting, I left Guam in 2007 for Los Angeles before and that was an eye opening experience as I’ve never lived anywhere besides Guam. Now, after 5 years on island, I am relocating again, but this time to Seattle.

What are 3 things you will miss most about Guam?

  • Definitely one thing I will miss is the food. Everywhere in Guam you can always find good food, but the local cuisine is the best
  • 2nd would be the people. I’ve made a lot of friendships and grew stronger bonds with the friends I do have. I’ve appreciated all the love and support anyone has ever shown me at my gigs, events, or just supported me in anything dealing with my life.
  • Lastly, it would be the scene. In Guam, the scene is so available and accessible. I could literally jump from one bar/club/event to the next one on the same night, and the only thing I had to worry about was the parking. I’m sure in the states, it’s going to be a lot harder to be apart of the music scene out there.

What are some of your other hobbies when you are not listening to or playing electronic music?

  • Lately it’s been video games. I recently bought a Nintendo Switch, and because of it’s portability, I have been able to play it on the go. With traditional gaming consoles, on the other hand, you would need a TV and the system, but since I am rarely home, I am still able to play all the games I want.
  • Also another thing that I’ve recently been into has been building these portable turntables for DJ’s who enjoy scratching. It’s really fun learning the insides of a turntable and being able to modify it to each person’s specifications.

What are your favorite local dishes?

  • I actually eat a lot of the infused cuisine that local chefs come up with. Like recently I ate Octopus Tinaktak and Dinache’ Pork chops. Although, I am still a fan of just the simple BBQ ribs and red rice, that’s a classic dish I never get tired of.

There’s fifteen different types of Spam. Which is your favorite?

  • Easily the ‘Spam Less Sodium’. I’ve actually tried almost every flavor because why not? Haha, but yes ‘Spam Less Sodium’ is my favorite

Which is your favorite village to visit and why?

  • Favorite village to visit would have to be Tumon. I am from Chalan Pago, and I love the central area but everything is down in Tumon. From daily beach activities, to good places to eat, to lounging areas, shopping, clubs/bars, and even amusement parks, Tumon has everything you would wanna do if you were to visit a place.

When were you inspired to be a DJ?

  • I was inspired to become a DJ back in the year 2000. I was visiting Los Angeles with my family and I saw my cousin had some turntables. He let me try them out and he told me “you’re a natural”, from there I became inspired to try to become a DJ for fun, but I never knew that I would still be doing it to this day.

What kind of music do you listen to on your free time?

  • Pretty much I listen to different playlists on Spotify. It’s how I know what’s a new song or not. It also doesn’t just stop at Hip-Hop or EDM. You can find me listening to some Soul/Funk tracks as well as Disco from time to time.

Can you recommend us some artists to listen to?

  • My list would consist of Tuxedo, Chromeo, Boombox Cartel, GoldLink, and A-Trak

Which EIF was your favorite year?

  • Not to be biased but my favorite was year 4, when I got to perform with my brother DJ Supagi. It was an unreal energy, and I had fun, because that is probably the most you will ever see me jump, dance, or move around when I DJ. LOL

Do you have any tips or advice for local artists on Guam?

  • Earn respect in the scene first, whether you are a DJ or Musician, always pay respects to the people who have came before you. Nowadays everyone is about “I need to do everything myself” kind of mentality, not saying that that’s wrong, but I’ve always wanted the respect out of my peers in the industry because respect meant more to me than making money any day. Without having the respect of others, you wouldn’t be taken seriously and were probably seen as a leech. Hoping on the “trend” for personal gain.

Is there something you are currently working on that you would like to share with us?

  • Besides working on a mix podcast with all my mixes being available online, I am trying to get into producing songs. I actually have a song release coming up with a local Guam artist named JED, and I plan to release more songs in the future with local talent once I get into the groove with producing.

What are your plans for 2018?

  • As of right now it’s uncertain. I will always continue to be a DJ but I won’t know if it will be in a club/bar or in my bedroom. I certainly want to start making music, so that is my main goal when I am out in Seattle. Besides the music, I wanted to finish up on some courses that aren’t offered in Guam and hopefully get my certification to practice MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or other forms of Radiology. Overall, I am working to better my life and aim as high as I can in achieving these goals.

The EIF Team would like to wish DJ JPogi all the best! Have fun and be safe Pogi!

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