It’s no doubt that Social Media in the past few years have skyrocketed in the way we connect and interact on a daily basis. With information and digital media seeing no boundaries, many of Guam’s young professionals, brand creators, and local business owners have all turned to this platform as a means for daily promotion and communication. One particular channel, Guam Weekly, have used their organically curated Instagram account to not only showcase the beauty, culture, and amazing food of Guam but also going a bit deeper by exploring how current and former Guam residents live their daily lives through the lens of their weekly host via an Instagram take-over. This first POV concept puts you in the perspective of the weekly take-over host as it showcases Guam’s unique individuality which no one does it better than the boys over at Guam Weekly. With their recent 10K Instagram follower milestone (congratulations btw!) we caught up with one of the founders (Bert Palacios) as he dives into the history, concept and vision for Guam Weekly.

1) Hey guys, how was your Summer 2017 this year?

This summer has been a whirlwind for the both of us. Francis was traveling as I was planted here working. A lot more events happened this summer that we were also a part of but despite our busy schedules, we were able to squeeze in some time in between to manage and run Guam Weekly.

2) Can you tell us about how the concept of Guam Weekly came about? When did you launch? and how has the journey been so far? 

Francis and I met when working at a campus coffee shop at UOG. One slow day, we decided to give back to Guam and its community. This was also the time where we were still wishy washy about how and why we were doing this. As marketing majors, we decided to test our skills and abilities by implementing our ideas and executing our plan(s) on how we could promote Guam. We started in March of 2015 and until today, it is an honor to see that GuamWeekly has been a prominent platform of promotional choice, locally and universally. God bless!

3) We like to congratulate you all on reaching your Instagram milestone of 10k followers recently, is there a specific reason why you decided to solely use Instagram as the platform of choice to build Guam Weekly?

We appreciate it! We decided to start of this journey with only Instagram to test things out and as we noticed our following started to grow we decided to stick to Instagram until it is deemed necessary to outsource our options. Guam Weekly has found its stronghold in promoting our love for Guam and we are more than happy to continue sharing our mission through Instagram!

4) What have been some of your favorite moments since Guam Weekly has started?

Just the fact that we get to see the diverse content from each host, gets us excited! Every moment counts, post by post! Reaching milestone is also another count as well as the different collaborations and opportunities with our wonderful partner(s) like the 6AM Group: EIF! No a lot of people know about Guam Weekly or who actually runs the account, hopefully that changes overtime! Since we’ve  milestone, we have been getting in contact with the local businesses here on Guam and it’s just so nice learn that they would like to work with us for future projects!

5) As of today, how many current and former Guam residents have you been able to feature? Who are some of the more memorable guests that have been featured by Guam Weekly?

So far, we’ve had a little over 60 hosts current and former residents of Guam! It is AMAZING! One of our very first host was Ray Tenorio (Lt. Governor of Guam), Peter Cruz of Tribal Theory, Jaylene Mendoza, Brittany Bell (2014 Miss Universe Guam), Brian Esperon, Cami Egurrola, & Leonardo De Asis of SKIP Ent., The Moylan Family, The Tolliverboyz, Billy Navarette, David Cruz III of Finding Cupid, Brian Tsuji (GoPro Hero) and our college student features! There’s a ton more to mention!

6) We see a diverse range of people you feature each week ranging from college students to business people and really everyone in between. Are there specific quality or requirements you look for when picking who to feature each week?

Most hosts have been nominees from other people. With Instagram, there are one too many users so looking for people to actually host is also a challenge. We are grateful that people tag us, makes it so much easier for us to pick up our next host. What really matters is variety, as we encourage our hosts to post all that they want with confidence! Other than that, our goal states that we showcase how people ON and FROM Guam live their lives!

7) What can we expect from Guam Weekly for the remaining of 2017? 

Guam Weekly has recently reached milestone so we’re doing our very best to give back to our community and supporters. We have a whole week dedicated to giving away prizes from our generous sponsors and donors. 2017 alone has been a year full of wonders and hopefully, we execute as much as we can to keep our supporters happy each time we post!

We love you all! We love you Guam!

Be sure to follow Guam Weekly on their Instagram to stay up to date on their next weekly host! Join us this Saturday, August 26th for our EIF End of Summer Party featuring DJ Cookie, Nick @ Nite, and Dirty Harry. Event info & discounted online tickets can be found here.

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