The music festival culture doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon! It’s one of those gatherings that truly bring the best in people’s vibes and it’s no wonder the festival attendees have skyrocketed over the past decade! With that kind of global scale, the impact has reached the Mariana Islands! We have heard many stories and incidents of people from Guam and Saipan running into each other (or should we say sighting their flags lol) or spotting a Fokai, Crowns/Clans, or Tribe Mariana’s brand while strolling your way through the massive crowd and nothing (we mean nothing) beats spotting one of your fellow islanders roaming the dance floors of these festivals. We have compiled a short list of off-island music festivals we believe have garnered the most attendees by people from Guam and Saipan. Have you been to any of these festivals? Please comment below if you have, we love to hear from you!

4) CRSSD Festival (San Diego, CA)

More than 50% of the people that’s ever moved out of Guam and Saipan have at one-point lived (short or long term) in the city of San Diego and that’s a hard fact. With CRSSD being the staple festival series in San Diego during Spring and Fall each year showcasing the sounds of FLUME, Flying Lotus, ZHU, Cirez D, and many other top electronic music acts, this easily comes off on the top of our list for one of four music festivals people from Guam and Saipan would most likely attend.


3) Ultra Asia (Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Manila)

Ultra Music Festival (UMF) is the largest dance music festival series in the world and with its close proximity to Guam thanks to recent expansions to Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, and Manila it offers plenty of date options and destinations to choose from to catch some of the most popular EDM & Mainstream Techno acts just one flight away from Guam and Saipan!

2) Coachella (Indio, CA)

Considered one of the World’s elite destinations for music festivals, the annual pilgrimage to the desert of Indio, California offers more than just your fist pumping EDM and Mainstream Techno acts. Bands, Rappers, and Major performers often headline this 2-weekend massive gathering. It has been known that many people from Guam who live outside SoCal fly in for this annual festivity to catch some of their dream icons. Eminem, Cardi B, Post Malone, and many more are set to perform at this year’s event! We’re almost guaranteed you know someone who knows someone that will be going this year!

1) EDC Las Vegas (formerly in Los Angeles)

Between 2004-2010 there was a big emergence of people from Guam getting heavily involved with dance music culture and scene as party-goers, promoters, DJs, and even glow-stickers! The one festival that brought out the most amount of people from Guam and Saipan was no other than EDC Los Angeles which was moved later to Las Vegas in 2011. It was confirmed during the final EDC in LA that more than 20 different groups of people from Guam (total about 300-400 people) between the HS graduating years of 1997-2009 coming from all over the States (SD, SF, NY, SEA, PDX, CHI, MIA), Hawaii, and Guam to get their dance on at EDC – that’s quite impressive.
Today, you can see multiple Guam flags being waved at EDC Las Vegas more than any other festival in the world (outside of Guam/Saipan). We believe it’s the deep connection and roots that ravers from the Marianas had with EDC and the stories and experiences that were passed down from one era to the next that ultimately made EDC our top pick of most likely attended music festivals by people from Guam and Saipan.
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