To us DJ Cookie is much more than just an EIF alumni: she is an adopted Guamanian.

She has played for us twice and has been to the island three times already, falling in love with it deeply each and every visit. An eclectic electronic music artist from Taiwan, DJ Cookie is known to bring the party and smiles wherever she goes, which makes her the perfect act to headline EIF’s End of Summer showcase on Saturday, August 26th.

DJ Cookie will be flying back to the island for her fourth time to be a part of this special night when we will transform the Globe into a summer club festivity like no other. 

We caught up with her ahead of the trip to see how she is doing and why she keeps making it a point to return to Guam whenever she can.

Hi, how has 2017 been treating you?

2017 has been a busy year for me, but I’ve really loved getting to meet a lot of different people from different countries. I not only made a lot of new friends but I got to hang out with a lot of old friends as well.

What has been your best memory of the summer so far?

It hasn’t happened yet! But I am waiting to give this best memory spot to Guam with everyone at the end of the month.

Yes! We are so excited to have you back in Guam for our End of Summer event on the 26th! How does it feel to be coming back to play for EIF for the third time?

I’m happy to back as always. I love everyone from Guam. And as it will be the third year with EIF I have already made a lot of friends there! Everyone is friendly, and every time I meet people in Guam or from Guam everyone is giving me a huge welcome back with a smile. So I am excited about being back to see everyone!

What most do you enjoy about performing in front of the EIF crowd?

The EIF crowd gives me a lot energy when I play my music, they really enjoy the set at the moment and I can always feel the amazing vibes of EIF! Of course 6AM Group has done a lot of good work during the many years with EIF, so I am always thankful to be standing on that stage and seeing that amazing crowd.

Are you staying on the island a bit longer or just in and out for the show?

Yes, actually this time I will also bring my family, making this into a small trip to Guam! I would to show them how much I love this island! And I personally want to enjoy more of this beautiful island, so it will not be a short stay!

What is your favorite thing about your trips to Guam?

I get to enjoy the peaceful moments and relax on the beautiful beaches, watching the sunset and listening to music.

Any favorite spot on the island?

I remembered the first time I came to Guam for EIF there was a recover party at the beach club, with the beautiful sunset behind the DJ booth. Until today I can’t ever forget that beautiful moment, listening to good music, feeling the ocean’s waves, the wind, watching the sunset and dancing with everyone. It is such a beautiful moment forever in my mind.

What’s the one thing or place you ALWAYS visit on the island?

I think the first thing is definitely EIF! And the first place is that special beach club, and the drop! (laughs)

Can you tell us in a sentence what makes Guam special for you?

The Guam people!

Can you give a message to anyone on Guam that may be thinking about coming to EIF End of Summer?

Get Ready to party with me! Let’s make the best memory to end summer together! See you guys soon, I can’t wait to see you all!

Catch DJ Cookie at EIF End of Summer Guam on August 26th, 2017. $15 advance tickets are available here. RSVP to the official Facebook Event here for more information.

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