Have you ever taken a Stroll around Guam? No, we are not talking about a leisure walk. We’re talking about the island’s only ride-sharing company! Stroll opened its services early last year and has been popular with the locals and is slowly making its way through the tourist market.

Just recently the company hit 11,000 rides since its inception. Unfortunately, our island has not been able to maintain proper public transportation for our community. For many years, citizens on Guam have been relying on friends and family members to help them commute to their destinations. Taxi on the island is almost out of the question due to the high fares. With Stroll we look forward to more jobs and ease of transportation on our island. We had a had chance to chat with its founder, Amit Sachdev, to give us some insight to Stroll. With EIF Winter Wonderland and the holidays coming up we highly recommend taking a Stroll to avoid drunk driving.

Hi Amit, can you give us a brief history of Stroll?

Stroll has been in operations since 7/2/16. We have completed over 11,000 rides and have over 60 drivers on our network.

What are some of the challenges that you experienced while creating the company?

Some of the challenges were introducing a new concept to a developing market, as well as making the market understand the importance and use of Stroll as both a rider and driver.

Are you looking to expand your services in the Marianas?

Yes, we are looking to expand into Saipan early 2018.

What are some pointers or tips you can give our readers who are on the fence about using Stroll?

I would say to give it a try and you’ll really understand the convenience and what the service has to offer. This is a new way of transportation that is a global phenomenon. Avoiding parking issues, getting picked up or dropped off to the airport, having a personal designated driver are some of the many uses for Stroll.

Can you tell us how potential drivers can sign up?

Yes, they can log on to our website, strollguam.com and sign up there. You will receive an email from us on the steps to become a Stroll driver.

Where do you see the company in 2018?

I see Stroll really expanding in 2018. More people will learn about us and we will have more exposure with our new services.

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