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Electric Island Festival is more than just a music festival. It’s an annual gathering that aims to unite people across the Asia Pacific region under the common umbrella of electronic music and dance. The event, now in its fifth year, has taken the Marianas by storm, bringing numbers in the thousands who reveled in electrifying music, dance, lights, fireworks and more. The minds behind the festival will be bringing to Saipan the very same audio and visual experience that has already cemented EIF as one of the must-attend events of the year on Guam.

The goal for EIF Saipan is to give festival-goers a chance to escape the daily grind and enter a new, stress-free environment filled with positive vibes! The lineups will be dominated by seasoned international Electronic Music Artists pumping the hottest beats through the night from a wide variety of genres including EDM, house and bass. Whether you’re a regular in the rave scene or a rave baby excited to get a taste of what EIF has to offer, we’ve come up with a guide to help you with everything you need to know for the best EIF experience possible:

Where can I get tickets?

General Admission and VIP tickets are available online at

General Admission tickets are also available on island at Dandan and Puerto Rico Shell Stations, as well as at Tribe Marianas.

Tip 1: Come early!

The early bird gets the worm! In this case, the early bird gets to take in every second of the high energy and hottest beats of the first-ever EIF SAIPAN. Not to mention, everyone who shows up early gets to take in the amazing Saipan sunset with their squad. The event only comes once a year, so be sure to not only get the best bang for your buck, but also fully embrace your few hours to escape from reality on the island paradise.


The bigger, the better! The possibilities of what your squad can do is only limited by your imagination. From conga lines and mosh pits to human pyramids and more, a good squad only maximizes the fun you’re bound to have. A squad would also make it super convenient when you want someone to follow you to the bathroom or wait in line with you. Going solo to EIF? No worries. Don’t let that be a reason for you to miss out on all the fun. Dress up, be creative and meet new friends at the event!

Tip 3: Zippers are a rave godsend

Ladies, make sure all your purses have zippers on the top and gentlemen, make sure your pockets are closable. It’s all too easy for things to fall out when bouncing around in the crowd. Keep in mind that you can’t bring in large back packs, so fanny packs are always a great alternative if you decide to dress up and don’t have the options of pockets.

Tip 4: Prepare your body for all the walking and dancing

Eat before the event and come hydrated! If you don’t have time, no problem. There will be plenty of food and beverages at the festival, but make sure you’re carrying cash because credit card won’t be accepted! Once you get to the event, take a few minutes to find a spot for the sunset and stretch your body out. Your body will thank you on the dance floor and the day after the event.

Tip 5: Suit up!

Get in the spirit of EIF and rock a costume! We’ve seen some amazing costumes and people have really gotten creative over the years! Stick to comfy shoes you don’t mind wearing to dance the night away to energetic sets. Since the festival will be on the beach, you can get creative with your footwear, or lack thereof!

Tip 6: Stay hydrated!

Make sure you drink water or eat foods high in water like fruits and vegetables at regular intervals. Dehydration can lead to serious health complications. Saipan can get very hot and humid! The more you sweat, the more you should hydrate!

If you suspect that someone is dehydrated or suffering from a medical issue, seek immediate medical attention from EIF personnel, who will be stationed around the grounds. Assistance will be available if you need anything at all!

Tip 7: Share the love!

Last but not least, EIF is all about spreading and embracing the positive vibes! For the best festival experience, unwind and have fun, but remember to remain smart and in control! Look out for one another. If your friend looks dehydrated, grab some water for the group to replenish lost nutrients. Live in the moment and return home with epic stories to tell.

Electric Island Festival Saipan 2017
April 29th at the Fiesta Resort & Spa Saipan
4pm-12am | 18+ Admission / 21+ To Drink

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Online Tickets:

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