There is no denying that the anticipation for Electric Island Festival grows more and more each year, as people from Guam, Saipan and other area of the Asia Pacific look forward to the biggest gathering of electronic music fans in the Mariana Islands.

Sometimes it can be easy to forget what it truly takes to put on an event the size of EIF. The truth of the matter is that the preparation for each EIF begins as soon as the previous year’s edition is over, meaning that the EIF wheels keep turning a full 365 days, a non-stop process aimed to provide you with the best possible experience.

Naturally, there’s an entire team behind Electric Island Festival, all working to put together the annual gathering to ensure it’s smooth and a success.

Today we talk with Art DeGuzman, one of the veteran members of the EIF team, to find out a little more about his work in the EIF machine and what drives him to do his part in ensuring each year’s EIF is even better than the year before!

Hi! First things first… we have heard people call you Arty, Art and your name is technically Artimus. Which do you prefer to be called?

Artimus is my first choice! My legal name is actually Arthur. Only a few people call me by that name. I was named after a movie character named Arthur who is played by Dudley Moore in a filmed called Arthur (1981). The main character is happy drunk dude which I think is funny.

Where were you born?

Born on Guam at the Guam Memorial Hospital,

You used to be in LA, and are now back on island. What prompted the move?

I wanted a change in scenery and try something new. Secretly, I just missed the food here lol.

How are you liking being back on the island?

I’m enjoying it! The food is always good. Something I always missed when I was in LA. The weather is almost always perfect. The cool and fresh breeze is nice. Everything is close to each other. I feel a bit more relaxed here. Surprisingly the only thing I don’t like is the traffic. Yes, it’s hard to believe that there is traffic on Guam but there is.

Tell us, how did you first get involved with EIF?

I got involved through Jia about 4-5 years ago. At the time I was going to many festivals in LA. When I found out what Jia wanted to do on Guam I automatically wanted in!

What was your role at first?

To be honest I don’t really remember lol. I think I was handling some of the social media work at the time but don’t hold me to that.

Can you tell us a little about how it felt to work your first EIF?

I was quite nervous coming back to Guam to work EIF. There were many unexpected tasks and duties that I did not anticipate. In the end it was all fun and a good learning experience for me.

What’s the most rewarding part of being a member of the EIF team?

For me it’s knowing how many people on Guam really love electronic music. Without EIF I would have never met like minded music fans to enjoy and be around with here on Guam.

Can you tell us what your favorite moment at EIF has been so far?

There are really many moments that I cherish and enjoyed. Meeting some of my favorite artists and making new friends are the best memories. I definitely remember my least favorite moment. It was EIF 2015. I was running around all day during the event trying to get some work done. Out of nowhere both my calf muscles cramped up. It was extremely painful. I thought I had to go to the hospital. When the medics came in to see me they just he just needs water and they left lol.

EIF is celebrating 5 years this coming summer. What can attendees expect this time around?

They definitely can expect more people to come around this year! We’ve created tons of friends each year to support us in our journey! Oh and some really good looking EIF T-Shirts at the merchandise booth! Jared Sanders our creative director has been doing an amazing job at designing the new products!

By the way, how did you first discover electronic music?

I’m not sure lol. I don’t remember that too. All I know is that I listen to electronic music now more than ever.

What are some of your other hobbies outside music?

Eating, Cooking, Hiking, Golf, Reddit, GOOGLING everything and anything!

What three words best describe Guam and its people?

Tropical, Friendly, and Relaxing!

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