One of the most rewarding aspects of putting together EIF is that we are always welcoming artists (DJs/Producers) who have never stepped foot into our beautiful island of Guam. We take tremendous pride in showing all of them the island hospitality while ensuring that they get the most of their experience on Guam while leaving them with a feeling of “I can’t wait to come back soon”.

This EIF, we once again have the privilege to host an array of artists coming from the U.S. and Asia. Our 2017 headliners, Sandra Collins and Lavelle Dupree, like most DJs we have booked in years past, are making their Guam debut. We recently caught up with the two headliners to discuss their upcoming trip to Guam, what they are most looking forward to about visiting the island, and what you can expect from them during EIF 2017!

Hi, thank you for taking the time to talk to us! Where in the world are you right now?

Sandra Collins (SC): At the moment I’m in the Los Angeles area, I’ve been touring a lot so it won’t last long.

Lavelle Dupree (LD): I’m in San Diego California.

We are excited to have you in Guam for Electric Island Festival (EIF) next month. Has either of you been to the island of Guam before?

SC: I have not been to Guam, I have a lot of friends that are from there and/or have lived there and I hear wonderful things about it.  I even have a Guam welcome bag that my friend gave me which includes a guide book, the Axe Murderer Tours book,  MDA Dive Force book,  a pop-out fan (I’m assuming its quite warm over there?) a Guam Visitors Bureau USB card and all kinds of cool things!

LD: No, I’ve never been to Guam before. Excited to be there for the very first time!

What are some of the things you look forward to most about coming to Guam for the first time?

SC: Well I love visiting new places so that’s #1! love the tropical island life. Getting to know the culture and feeling the love that the families share. I love and appreciate performing for a crowd with strong family ties, I can feel the difference. Swimming in your waters is another thing I look forward to most (inside the reef of course) 😉

LD: Meeting the people who invited us to this amazing festival and the fun loving people that will attend this epic show. The beautiful white sandy beaches.  Playing music that makes people free their minds and dance all night!  Eating some Chicken Kelaguen and visiting Underwater World

Based on what you have seen online and heard from your peers, what are your personal expectations coming into Guam to headline our 5th annual EIF?

SC: I honestly do not know what to expect, I try not to be attached to outcomes but one thing is for sure, I’m extremely excited!

LD: I expect it will be an amazing experience for me! I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to share my love of music with the island and I hope everybody enjoys it as much as I will

You’ve both been involved with electronic music for a long time now. Can you describe to us in a simple sentence or two what electronic music makes you feel and what keeps you motivated to push forward on this journey?

SC: Music is my heartbeat.  Music eases pain and gives me a sense of bravery to face whatever comes my way.  And sharing that with others can create a powerful healing.

LD: Dance music is my love and passion! It’s one of the only genre’s of music that has depth, what you see isn’t all you get as you go deeper into it there are many talented artists waiting for your arrival. The love for music and the excitement of bringing people together as one keeps me motivated.

Do you feel like electronic music is reaching its peak or do you believe there’s still more room for growth?

SC: Well, after the commercialism of it there became a gap between the commercial and the underground. Sometimes I feel like styles are going in circles though evolving a bit each cycle. I think Djs/producers are starting to want to perform their music live, with band members, an orchestra, basically bringing an organic feel to this digitized world we’ve been living in, but ultimately I feel like it has reached a peak, what we do with it will be interesting to see.

LD: I believe there’s always room to grow!

Guam is still very new into the whole electronic music culture. Why do you think a festival such as EIF can be ideal for someone unfamiliar with electronic music?

LD: Because it allows Guamanians (and the local community) new to the scene a chance to hear artists and music they normally wouldn’t in a proper setting giving them the opportunity to get the most out of the experience.

What can the people of Guam and visitors from Asia come to see your sets expect?

SC: That I play from my heart, I like to start off deeper and as I get going, the energy also rises. Also that I respect the people as much as they respect the Dj. “I am because of you”. Its a collaboration between the people and the DJ, no exceptions!

LD: A really good time filled with solid tunes, dancing and uncontainable expressions of joy!

The 5th annual Electric Island Festival (EIF) will be taking place on Saturday, June 24th at the Guam International Raceway from 6pm-4am. More information can be found via our FB event page here.

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