“Music can change the world because it can change people” – Bono

Hafa Adai Electric Islanders! As we continue our 2018 Season we wanted to take a moment and share with you a playlist we have been secretly curating over the last few months–>  EIF Ultimate Spotify Playlist

The power and blessing that music provides to our everyday life often go unnoticed, but if you really think about it there isn’t a music-genre out there that can cure any mood. Whether you’re feeling upbeat and hyped to feeling down and low, music only speaks to us when we can relate them to our mindset and vibes. As much as we love Electronic Music, we understand that not everyone is always down for a party mood which is why we curated this exclusive playlist designed to speak to any mood you might be in.

EIF Spotify Playlist Guide:
For studying or focusing at work try EIF Lo-Fi Beats, EIF Experimental/Electronica
For relaxing and getting in chill-mode after a long day try EIF Downtempo/Synthwav, EIF R&B/Soul
For a dose of inspiration and feelgood energy try EIF Vibes/EDM, EIF Disco
For your weekend pre-game try EIF Future Bass/TRVP
For a boost in energy try our EIF Top 40 playlist

We even included a playlist dedicated to some of our local heroes in Guam 🙂 so be sure to check out all the playlists we have created for your audio pleasure ready for any mood. We will be adding more music and new playlists so the beat never stops! Open your minds to these sounds at EIF Ultimate Spotify Playlist and we’ll see you at one of our EIF events soon!

EIF Spotify Playlist was curated by our resident DJ/Producer, EJ Flores. You can catch him every Friday night at DROP for their weekly PURE Underground series.


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