By Marco Sgalbazzini

What does it take to put together Electric Island Festival? As you can imagine, thousands and thousands of man hours are required to organize something the scope of EIF, including months of pre-planning necessary to project out and then execute everything to its minute detail.

A big part of this is the entire production of the festival itself, which incorporates everything from stage planning and construction to audio-visual set-up and everything in between, with the aim of providing the best experience possible to every single EIF attendee.

Celebrating its fifth year this coming June, EIF has been working closely with JAMZMedia, a local company that provides production services for events such as ours. We recently caught up with Jeff Sanchez, founder and owner of JAMZMedia, to learn more about him, his company and its work with EIF!

Hi Jeff, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Can you tell us a little about yourself? What are your hobbies and interests?
Hey Marco! My name is Jeff Camacho Sanchez and I am married to my high-school sweetheart Marti and father to 6 awesome kids. My two eldest are already finished with college and my youngest is 5 years old attending St. Paul Christian School. I was born on Guam and spent most of my teen and young adult life in San Francisco California. I love presentation technology and I have a passion to inspire the young and old alike to chase their dreams and know that they are created for great things in life.

So how did you get started with JAMZMedia?
JamzMedia was a progression from a mobile DJ business. Ever since high school I’ve DJ’d dances, parties, and other types of gigs. JamzMedia was created in 2001 to be a diverse company serving not only audio-related production but even visual needs such as graphic design, video creation, and special effect presentations.

What was your goal at the time?
My goal was to build a company that could bring modern technical capabilities to our region. I make it a point to study production trends and stay on top of technology shifts as they occur in this industry. We have even grown to be able to provide Federally licensed pyrotechnics and fireworks for our island.

What are some of the events you work on today?
As of today we just completed Beauty and the Beast at FDMS, we also service TrenchFest concerts, and we will be producing various graduation events for the many high-schools on island, both public and private. We specialize in corporate events that most people don’t even know are held on Guam, these events are often full-blown gigs where we setup multiple LED Screens, PA Systems, lots of lights, and lots of special effects. We also do military concerts and events.

What type of satisfaction does it give you to see your production behind these events?
Ultimately, when the client is happy we are happy, this is the bottom line. It’s also a bonus when entire audiences are witnesses to great productions we are involved with. I’ve had this passion for cool gigs since I was a teen.

When did you first get involved with EIF?
I first got involved with EIF’s first year at Beach Bar doing fireworks for the show and ever since then I have been working with 6AM Group every year and expanding our business relationship over the years.

How early does your work begin to get ready for EIF?
Our work for the next year begins the day after we finish doing that year’s show. My team and I look at areas of strength and areas to improve and throughout the year we implement action plans. We take EIF very seriously because of the great growth potential the event has for this region.  We also make it a point to plan and execute each gig we do with the focus that it takes to ensure our client’s expectations are met or exceeded.

Can you give us a brief walk-through of what you and your team do when you organize the production for EIF?
I first meet with 6AM to understand their goals and expectations. It begins simply by listening to the client and understanding their wants and needs. We then look at gig schedules, equipment needs, and manpower for the upcoming event. Finally, a plan is drawn up for the weeks leading up to EIF. This plan includes equipment load-up lists and procedures, on-site setup schedules, diagrams showing: Stage layouts, PA system wiring, lighting plots, etc. When the first setup day comes we are ready to carry out the plan.

Do you get to enjoy some of the festival yourself?
I always tell people I probably enjoy the event more than anybody even with the high-stress that comes with this size gig. This is because I hear and feel the tremendous response of the audience, I always get back-stage passes and hang out with the stars (laughs), I get to play with my big-boy toys, and get paid in the process! EIF is a unique experience that I’m so blessed to be a part of.

What is your take on the future of music festival in Guam?
Music festivals in general, that are done correctly, will be around for a long time. Music brings people together. EIF is going on its 5th year and I think it’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of how big and far-reaching this single 6AM idea can go. I’m excited to work with this forward-thinking team to bring quality shows to our island. It is great for Guam!

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