In the blink of an eye, the all-nighters, worrying about grades and trying to squeeze in some fun in between are over before you know it. It’s almost time to walk across that stage, pick up your hard-earned diploma and enter the world in search of some new experiences! But before you say hello to the real world with a slew of new responsibilities, take advantage of this free time to DO YOU! Here are some cool things you MUST do before your graduation day:

You deserve it. Splurge (Responsibly… just sayin’!) on that one item you’ve had your eye on, whether it’s those Nike shoes you’ve been staring at while window shopping or MAC brushes and eyeshadow palettes in your Amazon cart. If you have the resources to go bigger, consider spending your cash on an experience, like a short trip to Japan or the Philippines with friends. You’ll never regret the unforgettable memories you come home with.

Abuse your student ID discounts
So many local businesses and chain stores reach out to students as a way to attract lifelong customers! Check with your school to see if any businesses offer student discounts and take advantage of your student ID card before it’s too late!

Start a blog or YouTube channel
Even if it’s just random ramblings about the day, a blog or YouTube channel are perfect outlets to express yourself.  Use your blog to document your favorite memories of the school year and all of the amazing experiences the future holds. First, find a blog site that works best for you. Aside from YouTube, another popular video streaming site is Vimeo. Are you more of a writer than a videographer? Check out WordPress, Blogger, Ghost or Tumblr. The first step is to think of a username that shows off your personality, and then take it from there!

Go to Electric Island Festival!
Once you leave school, you could find a full-time job or be swamped with family obligations now that you have more time on your hands. Spend your summer wisely and go to Electric Island Festival! Let go of the stresses of the school year and embrace the positive vibes, lights and sounds of the night! The excitement starts at 6 p.m. on June 24 at Guam International Raceway and the fun doesn’t end until 4 a.m. the next day.

Speak to someone you’ve never spoken to before
EIF is all about inclusivity and embracing new friendships! We recommend stepping outside of your usual clique and speak to someone you’ve never spoken to before. Who knows, this person could be your new best friend or a great addition to your squad for the festival 😉

With a whole summer to take advantage of, let’s make this one count!

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