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EIF Spotlight: Guam Weekly Shines On and Off Island

It's no doubt that Social Media in the past few years have skyrocketed in the way we connect and interact on a daily basis. With information and digital media seeing no boundaries, many of Guam's young professionals, brand creators, and local business owners have all...

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Interview: DJ Cookie and Her Love for Guam

To us DJ Cookie is much more than just an EIF alumni: she is an adopted Guamanian. She has played for us twice and has been to the island three times already, falling in love with it deeply each and every visit. An eclectic electronic music artist from Taiwan, DJ...

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EIF Production with JamzMedia’s Jeff Sanchez

By Marco Sgalbazzini What does it take to put together Electric Island Festival? As you can imagine, thousands and thousands of man hours are required to organize something the scope of EIF, including months of pre-planning necessary to project out and then execute...

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Guide to EIF Guam 2017: Everything YOU Need to Know

By Maria Hernandez Just when you thought past festivals couldn’t be topped, event coordinators this year are pulling out all the stops to bring you a magical Electric Island Festival 2017. From giant checkers and bowling to paint, sports and flower crown stations,...

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Sandra Collins and Lavelle Dupree Are Ready For Guam and EIF

One of the most rewarding aspects of putting together EIF is that we are always welcoming artists (DJs/Producers) who have never stepped foot into our beautiful island of Guam. We take tremendous pride in showing all of them the island hospitality while ensuring that...

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Costume Tips and Ideas for EIF Guam 2017

When it comes to costumes, Electric Island Festival is all about expressing yourself. This means anything goes. With so many items to choose from, narrowing down your festival costume might not be easy, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with some tips to...

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5 EDM Tracks that Will Elevate Your Workout Every Time

By Maria Hernandez Every gym junkie knows a good playlist has the potential to completely transform your workout. Listening to the right tracks can help increase your endurance, distract you from the burn and free your mind from the daily grind. Tired of your...

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10 Things People From Guam Miss About Home

By Jason Padua: We know that everyone has to eventually “spread his or her wings and fly”, leave the nest so to speak. This is just one of those inevitabilities in life. We leave home for many reasons: new experiences, better opportunities, college, or maybe simply...

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Class of 2017 – 5 Things You Must Do Before Graduation Day

In the blink of an eye, the all-nighters, worrying about grades and trying to squeeze in some fun in between are over before you know it. It’s almost time to walk across that stage, pick up your hard-earned diploma and enter the world in search of some new...

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