Four years ago the island of Guam gave birth to the first ever Electric Island Festival, a gathering of electronic music lovers that aims to unite people from all walks of life through music and dance.

EIF is fueled by open hearts and open minds, inspired by the people of Guam and Saipan that travel around the world to celebrate their love of life through electronic music. In the past four years the festival has grown by leaps and bounds, welcoming international artists from all over the world and drawing attendees from other countries in the Asia Pacific region, as well as countless of Guam and Saipan residents that find in EIF the perfect escape and vibe.

For #EIFYear5, we humbly welcome all of the fans of electronic music in the Asia Pacific to join us on Guam and Saipan for what will be exciting and unforgettable nights of dancing under the stars in paradise.

Six Events This Year

Come join us at the Main Festival in Guam and any of our satellite events!

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