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After four amazing years its finally here! We’re just as excited as you are.

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In Tune with DJ Supagi and DJ JPogi

In tune with DJ Supagi and DJ JPogi By Chris Wong For two homegrown artist on the professional DJ scene, that performed at Electric Island Festival on Guam as a duo last year, preparation is a must. Former Yigo resident and now Seattle based DJ Supagi spoke with EIF...

Saipan Business Profile: Tribe Mariana

If you live on or have any sort of connection with the Mariana Islands, it is likely you have heard and seen the Tribe Marianas logo somewhere. Tribe Marianas is a clothing and lifestyle company born and raised in Saipan, one of the 15 West Pacific islands that forms...

Six Events This Year

Come join us at the Main Festival in Guam and any of our satellite events!

Official 2016 After Movie Premiere


Much love and respect for all your support Guam! YOU are what makes EIF the incredible experience that it is, and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store this year!